Search events and add new events to Calendar

This is the windows 8 application searches event based on keyword, category, date and location from It allows user to add selected events to their default calendar app like MS-Outlook, Hotmail calendar or any in other win 8 calendar app.

1.The events selected in results can be viewed using calendar view or in page view. 8 Events are displayed for each page.

2.In calendar view, event dates are highlighted with green in background. Once it is clicked then corresponding event details will be displayed in event detail column
3.In Calendar view, if user selects,
1.​“>” then it displays next month events
2.“<” then it displays previous month events 3.“>>” then it displays next year events
4.“<<” then it displays previous year events
4.The displayed calendar events can be added and launched using default calendar app in users PC.This application requires internet connection.

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August 11, 2018

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