Gratuity and PF calculator for India – Windows 8 app

This windows 8 application calculates Gratuity and Provident fund for employees working in India.

Gratuity is calculated is based on basic pay and DA using below formula. Gratuity Calculation In Ind​ia = [ (Basic Pay + D.A) x 15 days x No. of years of service ] / 26 Employees who are working for more than 5 years in same company are eligible to receive Gratuity amount.

The gratuity received under the Act is tax-free to the extent that it does not exceed 15 days’ salary for every completed year of service. This is subject to a maximum of Rs 3.5 lakh.

This tax-free ceiling applies to the aggregate of gratuity received from one or more employers in the same year or during different years. Employee provident fund (PF) is calculated based on employee basic pay, percentage of employee contribution to PF account per month, percentage of employer contribution to PF account per month, number of years to retire, previous company PF balance and interest rate of 8.5% per annum is used to calculate total PF at the time of retirement stage.

If the employee joins the employer with a basic salary of more than 6500 and the employee was a member of EPF with a previous employer, the current company must support and continue with the previous EPF.

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August 11, 2018

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