Squareup or Square payment gateway for Premium press themes

This plugin enables/adds new squareup or square payment gateway for premium Press themes (PP themes) .

This plugin is designed to work only under Premium Press themes.

This plugin adds square payment gateway under order manager -> payment gateways.

Download the plugin from

Procedure for installation

  1. Go to 
  2. Login with squareup account or sign up for new account and visit above url to login
  3. it will redirect to
  4. Create new application
  5. it will create application id, personal access token and for testing, it will create sandbox application id, sandbox access token
  6. Under locations menu, it will show your location id and it will also show sand box test location which can be used for testing.
  7. Please note all sandbox credentials are only for testing. For real/production, we need to use personal access token and real location id as mentioned above
  8. Download the plugin from
  9. Upload the plugin to your website and activate it
  10. Under payment gateways, under squareup payment gateway enter credentials your access token and location id
  11. Initially to test the payment, please enter your sandbox access token and one of test sandbox location id from squareup website
  12. if you want to include custom tax then please enter (this option is for themes which do not have tax options – non shop themes like classifieds, director, coupon extra except shop theme)
  13. Save the options
  14. Create paid listing and test the payment by clicking on payment button to pay using squareup payment gateway
  15. Once payment gateway is clicked it will redirect to squareup payment website, in that website customer can enter credit card credentials securely and pay the amount.
  16. For testing, please enter one of credit card numbers mentioned in page and for all other fields in squareup website during the payment we can enter any details.
  17. After payment is complete it will redirect back to your website, it will create order under order manager.
  18. if you have any questions contact or muraliwebworld in skype for help and for support this plugin. Please use help desk to raise the tickets if you have any issues, we will respond it asap.


  • initial version Jun 25 2018

Contact or skype id muraliwebworld for help and support for this plugin.

June 25, 2018