Plugin to add quantity field for buynow option – In PremiumPress Auction theme

This plugin will add quantity field for buynow option in PremiumPress Auction theme.

It allows users to buy more than 1 product by entering number of items in quantity field while choosing buynow option for auction listings or for classified listings

Demo version is available in, follow below instructions to test this plugin,
Please test this in

Please register a new user id in above link by using register link,

Logon to that user id, and add a new listing with required buy now quantity (more than 1) example 10 products available for sale

Now logout from this user id, register another user id for buyer and browse to above listing and click on buynow, enter quantity field and confirm bid.

Page will be refreshed, now click on paynow, it will show the total amounts like for example if you purchase 2 items then price will be (item price*quantity)+shipping price – For example if item price is $100 and shipping price is $2 and number of quantity bought 2 means then total amount to be paid will be = $202 => ($100*2)+2=$200;

Instructions to install this plugin,

  1. Click on grey color download now button
  2. Pay the amount
  3. Go to product details page, click on black color download now button to download the plugin file.
  4. Download the .zip file
  5. Upload it to plugin using upload plugin option
  6. Activate both plugins

initial version – Feb 18 2016 11:00am

Please contact , if you have any questions.


skype: muraliwebworld



March 17, 2016