Advanced search filter on subcategory, custom fields for more than one taxonomy

This WordPress plugin for PremiumPress themes is to assign custom fields to categories/subcategories and to show/hide custom fields based on category/subcategory selection from advance search widget in premiumpress themes and also in add listing form. This plugin will work for more than one taxonomy upto 10 taxonomies.

This plugin will also include subcategories in advance search widget.For example, if we select main category then corresponding immediate subcategories will appear in separate drop down box and if we select subcategory then corresponding sub of subcategories will appear in separate drop down box.

Demo version of this plugin is available in (for PP themes 8.9 version) and (for PP theme 8.0 versions)

This plugin will be useful if customers wants to filter the search results based on custom fields like year. brand, type of product, manufacturer , model year extra…

This widget supports up to 4 levels of subcategories to include in advanced search widget.

According to category/subcategory field selection, custom fields will be shown/hidden in advance search widget and search results will be filtered using this advanced search widget.

This plugin is designed to use along with Premium Press responsive Word Press theme versions advanced search widget.

Instructions to install this widget,

  1. Click on grey color download now button.
  2. Pay the amount.
  3. Go to product details page, click on black color download now button to download the plugin file.
    Download the .zip file.
  4. The .zip file contains 2 plugins. To assign custom fields to category/subcategory and another plugin to include category/subcategory and to show/hide custom fields in advanced search widget.
  5. Upload it to plugin using upload plugin option
  6. Activate both plugins
  7. Under admin area -> settings-> search Subcategory – customize heading for category/subcategory of every taxonomies as shown in attached screenshot(settings-menu.png). Initially it will be blank, once you click on update options, it will show default headings, you can change the headings as like you want like for example (Select Furniture , Select Product, Select Type or Select City, Select Town, Select Landmark). After customizing the headings click on update options button for every taxonomy and save it.
  8. Add/define custom fields in listing setup custom fields and assign to category/subcategory
    Go to advanced search widget options (theme setup->search setup in 8.9 pp version or theme options->general setup->advanced search in 8.0 pp version). Add required taxonomy fields as listbox with IN condition and save it
  9. Add custom fields in advance search widget
  10. In front end, while add listing, it will display/hide custom fields in add listing form
  11. Similarly in advanced search widget, it will display category/subcategory according to category selection along with assigned custom fields to filter the search results.
  12. Demo version of this plugin is available in (for PP themes 8.9 version) and (for PP theme 8.0 versions)

Please contact , if you have any questions.


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March 17, 2016